Terminal Manager

Storing vital products with care

Storing vital products with care

reports to : General Manager

Purpose of job:


  • Ensure the overall operations in compliance with contractual & commercial, safety, health, environmental, quality and legal requirements  确保罐区的所有活动遵守商务、安全、健康、环境、质量和法规要求
  • Train and coach the direct reports to enable them to take on larger responsibilities 培训直接下属,使他们能够担负更大的责任。
  • Work together with our functions to upgrade the safety culture of the company. 和其他部门一起提升公司的企业安全文化。
  • Increase the ownership of the front-line departments' employees. 增强一线部门员工的主人翁精神。


  • The purpose of this position is to manage the Terminal facilities by motivating staff to comply with safety, environment and quality procedures in order to achieve a safe working environment, coaching and guiding staff to strictly obey to operation and maintenance procedures in order to guarantee a stable and ordered working conditions, provide the required services to the customer in close co-operation with the Customers Service department, to optimise the utilisation of the company assets to ensure optimal efficiency and profitability. 这一职位的主要职责是鼓励员工遵守安全、健康、环境和质量程序要求,从而建立一个安全的工作环境;培训和指导员工严格遵守操作、维护和保养程序,确保生产有序平稳运行;与客户服务部保持密切的沟通,从而为客户提供所需要的服务;对公司资产的使用保持最优状态,从而确保最佳的效率和最大的收益。
  • Everyone should obey Vopak SHEQ Policy strictly. SHEQ is everyone's responsibility and is demonstrated by individual contributions to reporting potential accident, and analyzing and controlling quality, safety, health and environmental hazards.每位员工都必须严格遵守孚宝公司质量、安全、健康和环保方针。质量、安全、健康和环保是每位员工的责任,通过报告事故隐患,分析和控制质量、安全、健康和环保危害来体现。

Job Function:


  • To achieve the objectives as agreed upon with his superior 达成与上级共同设定的工作目标。
  • To manage & supervise terminal facilities and activities in compliance with ISO standard and SHE requirement 管理和监督部门的设施和行为符合ISO标准和安全健康环境要求。
  • To manage & supervise terminal operations and projects so that customers are served in a proper manner timely. 管理和监督罐区的营运和项目建设,使得客户得到正确的及时的服务。
  • To manage the entire activities on safety, health, environmental and pollution control of the Terminal 管理罐区的所有行为符合安全、健康、环境和污染控制的要求。
  • In close co-operation with the General Manager to prepare the annual budgets for the Terminal 制定罐区的年度预算时与总经理密切沟通。
  • To keep effective external and internal relationships, within operations department, other Depts. (CSD, etc), and government bodies as required 与公司内外相关部门保持良好的关系,例如:操作部门内部,其他部门(如客服部),及相关政府部门。
  • To understand and achieve customer's requirement 理解并达成客户的需求。
  • To ensure all operations and project execution in compliance with company policies, national regulations and law 确保所有的操作和项目建设工作都遵守公司政策和国家法律法规。
  • To provide proper training to terminal staff for sure that they are equipped to perform their duties 为员工提供适当的培训,使他们更加胜任自己的岗位。
  • To assist the commercial department in developing service offerings to (potential) customers 协助商务部为客户(潜在客户)提供服务。
  • Set and adjust KPI for reporting departments for continuously improving performance 建立并调整所管理部门的KPI,持续提高绩效。


  • In case of fire or a major incident resulting in hazards for the terminal and the surroundings, to take any action to mitigate the risks before the arrival of the fire brigade. Responsible to organize the initial response until the local fire brigade takes over. 责任:当发生火灾或重要事故并导致罐区和周边陷入危险时,要在消防人员到来之前采取紧急措施,降低事故危害。有责任在事故发生时组织进行初步应急响应措施,直到消防队到来并接管。
  • Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with individual staff members. 通过实施安全检查、参加公司安全会议以及和员工的面谈,推动安全工作。
  • Review and/or participate the investigation of all accidents/incidents and monitor the execution of corrective actions to prevent any recurrence 评估和/或参与所有的事故调查,监控整改措施的落实,防止事故再次发生。
  • Carry out action plan according to audit results, and keep all plans execute. 根据审核结果实施整改计划,确保执行
  • In close co-operation with the General Manager to prepare the annual budgets for the Terminal. 与总经理共同制定罐区预算。
  • Purchase orders for the Terminal as well as monthly expenses to ensure they are within the applicable budgets. All purchase orders above authority level of Terminal Manager need to be approved by the General Manager. 确保每月的支出和采购均在预算之内。所有超出权限的采购申请需经总经理批准。
  • Analyze expenditures and other financial information in order to develop plans, policies, and budgets for increasing profits and improving services. 分析费用支出以及其它财务信息,以制订计划、政策和预算,提高效益、改进服务。
  • Responsible for ensuring adequate number of Terminal staff and their knowledge and agility to perform correct operations 负责保证罐区员工的数量和足够的经验能力进行现场安全正确操作。
  • Responsible for the proper training of Terminal staff to ensure that they are equipped to perform their duties. 负责向员工提供适当的培训,使他们胜任各自的岗位。
  • To liaise with Customers Services Department to optimise the utilisation of the assets and propose alterations to meet specific requirements of customers. 与客户服务部保持联系,保证资源的最优化,从而尽力满足客户的需求。
  • To be one of the representatives of the Company in meetings with customers, governmental bodies regarding safety, operational and environmental issues. 作为公司的代表之一,出席与客户、政府部门的会议,讨论有关安全、操作和环境问题等。
  • To supervise that the terminal property is well protected by a third party security-contractor according to relevant instructions. 根据相关规定,监督罐区财产由外包保安有效保护。

Skills & Knowledge:


  • In-depth knowledge of technical, project, operations, safety, and terminal management.在技术、项目、操作、安全和罐区管理拥有丰富的知识。
  • Comprehensive experience in Terminal operations拥有罐区运营的丰富经验
  • Capable of excellent communication in Chinese and English 中英文流利
  • Extensive knowledge of products and handling requirements 产品及操作要求方面知识丰富
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills 良好的人际沟通能力
  • Good management skills 良好的管理能力
  • Motivation skills 激励能力


  • Degree in  chemical related studies 化学相关专业毕业
  • At least 10 years experience in Terminal  operations with 5 years in a senior supervisory position 至少10年罐区操作经验,并有5年管理经验
  • Knowledge of products 了解产品知识
  • Understanding of the specific needs of terminal operations 了解罐区运作的特殊需求
  • Financial management for non-financial managers 非财务经理的财务管理能力

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